About Curious Spoon

Bringing the Flavors of the World Home

We are curious about the world’s ingredients, and we open the door to culinary traditions through global flavors. We take complex recipes with hard-to-find ingredients and create easy-to-use spices, seasonings, starters, and more so that everyone can share in global cuisine.

Our Commitments & Values

At Curious Spoon, we believe in our products, our processes, and our values. We believe in genuine connection to people, producers, and cultures. We source every ingredient and make every product with our commitments and values in mind, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

World Flavors

We bring globally-inspired flavors to your table so we can celebrate one another and our different cultures.

Curiosity & Exploration

We are curious about the world’s ingredients and open the door to culinary traditions and flavors.

Accessibility & Ease

We take complex recipes with hard to find ingredients and create easy-to-use products so that everyone can share in global cuisine.

Quality Ingredients

We source and process high quality, delicious, and healthy ingredients from far corners of the world, following the highest quality standards.


We make products crafted by chefs who understand each ingredient and bring them together to create authentic and innovative flavors.

Guiding & Teaching

We constantly educate ourselves on all ingredients and cuisines so we can be your guide to global cultures through food.

Direct Sourcing

We directly connected to the sources of 1,600 ingredients so we can offer products with minimal stops between the farms and you.

Impact Conscious

We seek to understand our social, environmental, and economic impact and use that knowledge to push to be better.


We push boundaries in culinary innovation because we have access to a pantry of unique ingredients from around the world and enjoy the process as much as the end product.