Our Team

Curious Spoon Management

Guiding Curious Spoon to connect people to global flavors

Aram Karapetian

Chief Vision Officer

Curious Spoon’s fearless leader. As CEO of Woodland Foods (our parent company), Aram keeps Curious Spoon’s vision in focus. He comes from a background in hospitality and culinary arts and always has a pulse on the best places to eat, the best recipes to cook, and what new flavors we should all be discovering. He’s beyond passionate about food & unique ingredients and makes sure the Curious Spoon team never forgets that food is more than sustenance – it’s connections with people, it’s a conduit to good conversation, it’s delicious!

Bridget Babcock

Brand & Marketing Manager

If it has to do with Curious Spoon, Bridget is involved. As the brand architect, she works hard to ensure that Curious Spoon is fun and flavorful in all ways. With a mission to transform the foreign into the familiar – she’s invigorated by the challenge to bring the flavors she has come to love while traveling across the world to the home kitchens of the US. Whether it is working with the culinary team to launch new flavors, guiding the design team to bring color to our labels, or wrangling our sales team – Bridget is here to help bring the flavors of the world

The Curious Spoon Culinary Team

Helping you craft your next delicious meal!

Jeff Troiola

Master Chef

Curious Spoon’s master chef! Trained at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Jeff has been recognized as one of the most talented of the new American chefs. He has managed kitchens in some of the country’s most innovative restaurants and prestigious hotels and has worked alongside chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Larry Forgione, and Mark Miller. Chef Jeff is the culinary mind behind the Curious Spoon products. With knowledge beyond imagination of each & every one of the ingredients that goes into Curious Spoon’s products, Chef Jeff strives to bring the most authentic yet innovative products to the Curious Spoon brand.

Jason Alm

Research & Development Chef

From Chile-Lime Adobo Skewers to perfectly seasoned made-at-home truffle fries, Jason works hard to make the flavors of the world approachable and accessible to all. He’s constantly working to adjust products until they are just right for the home cook and tailoring recipes to teach people how to make global cuisine at home. In his role, as research and development chef, Jason has unique insight into the full supply chain of our catalogue of ingredients and the ways each department comes together to get products from concept to kitchen.

Curious Spoon Look & Logistics

Wrangling everyone so you can enjoy our products & Bringing fun and color to the kitchen!

Rebecca Falkinham

Project Manager

Curious Spoon’s project manager extraordinaire! Rebecca is everywhere – from checking in with purchasing to track down where in the world our ingredients are (because we’re direct source, not co-packed) or working with our quality team to ensure each and every one of our products meets the highest standards – Rebecca knows what’s going on. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on before a spice jar is packed and head to store shelves, and Rebecca is responsible for keeping track of our products every step of the way!

Linda Yousik

Packaging Solutions

People like to focus on the products inside, but the outside package is equally important! Linda has been sourcing our packaging for 15 years and has the extraordinary ability to coordinate getting the right label, on the right jar, in the right box, at the right time – all while keeping our costs low and sustainability in mind.

Erik Ortberg

Chief Graphic Designer

Bright colors, fun graphics, & mouthwatering photography – that’s what Erik is all about. We all know that eating is an experience that goes beyond taste, the visual elements are important too! At Curious Spoon we believe that food is fun, exciting, & beautiful – Erik is responsible fore making that vision come to life. Whether through graphic design, making eye-catching and fun labels or photography, capturing mouthwatering images of our favorite recipes, Erik brings color and life to the Curious Spoon look.

The Curious Spoon Sales Team!

Helping you bring the flavors of the world home!

Randy White

Sales Manager, Retail Specialty

Known in the office as the Chattanooga Charmer, Randy southern drawl accompanies a true gem of a human being and an
excellent sales manager driven to help bring our customers Curious Spoon. With 30 years in the food industry and plenty of life experiences from his time living in Spain and his years serving our country in the Navy – Randy truly understands why bringing the flavors of the world home is important.

Chris Snyder

Sales Manager, Club Specialty

Chris’s love of food really comes out in the summer grilling months. Not only will he sell you the best new Curious Spoon product, he’ll teach you how to use it to bring your backyard barbecue game to the next level! He’s been working in the retail world for years and is king of club stores. If you love our products as much as we do, he responsible for getting it to you in bulk size!

Kate Parks

Parks Persona

Helped us find our identify and bring this brand to life!

Parks Persona is an independent brand studio focusing on design and big picture thinking. We thought she was great to work with (isn’t our new brand beautiful?!).

Check out more of her work here.

Sophie Goodman

SG Media

Helped us find our curious voice!

SG Media’s work lies at the convergence of art and business. Her mission is to develop targeted strategy & tell compelling stores to help brands achieve greater consumer reach. And that she did for Curious Spoon! Plus, she helped write all the beautiful descriptions of our products!

Learn more about her work here.



Helped us speak our curious voice!

Marshall Associates helps brands achieve success by providing creative solutions – like engaging and creative copywriting and SEO. Their talented writers helped us speak the curious voice.

You can find out more about working with them here.



Created this beautiful platform that allows us to connect with our curious friends!

Few Builds Rad Digital Experiences. Can’t you tell? They took our hodgepodge of ideas and crafted this awesome website, and made the whole experience feel like a walk in the park.

Check them out here.

Alliance Sales & Marketing


Helps us connect with our curious customers!

Alliance Sales & Marketing is an amazing group of people who have worked with us to bring our products into the food and beverage space. They’re more than marketers, they’ve become part of the Curious Spoon family!

Learn more about them here.