Black Garlic Bulgogi Seasoning captures the umami-packed sweetness typical of Korean barbeque. It combines black garlic, two types of sugars, soy, sesame seeds, salt, and scallions, that craft an incredibly flavorful custom blend.

Black garlic is a unique ingredient prized in Asian cuisines for its mellow and molasses-like flavor with antioxidant properties. It’s made by fermenting and aging raw garlic in a carefully controlled environment for a few weeks until reaching its optimal state of caramelized deliciousness. Compared to raw garlic, black garlic is far more delicate and offers double the amount of antioxidants. Traditionally, the black garlic clove is added to soups and stews or used as part of a marinade for beef, lamb, or pork dishes.

Rub or marinade meats with the Black Garlic Bulgogi Seasoning and watch as it caramelizes while the meat is grilling, roasting, or broiling! As a versatile seasoning, it’s also a great addition to anything from vinaigrettes to grain dishes.


Sugar, sesame seeds, dehydrated soy sauce (soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, salt) maltodextrin, salt), salt, garlic, ginger, black garlic, scallions, black peppercorns. Contains: Sesame, soy, wheat.


Watch the seasoning caramelize as meat is grilled or roasted! Add to vinaigrettes and grain dishes for sweet, savory flavor.

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