Carolina Gold Mustard Rub brings the tangy, warm flavors of traditional South Carolina barbecue sauce home. Yellow mustard combines with tangy apple cider vinegar and savory onion for a unique and fresh seasoning that pairs well with all barbequed meats.

Barbeque might be as close to genuinely American cuisine as we get here in the United States. The style of barbeque cooking where meat is slowly roasted over an indirect flame dates back far before Columbus’s arrival. Indigenous tribes both in the Caribbean and the United States used this technique, dubbed ‘barbacoa’ by the Spanish, to cook for feasts and efficiently cook an entire hog. Over the years, the method made its way northward through the American colonies, transforming our eating habits and becoming a hallmark of American culture. The regional styles of barbeque are a relatively new phenomenon; regional sauces and meat preparation define each unique style.

With four distinct barbecue sauces, South Carolina is a top runner for the barbecue capital of the World. The Carolina-Mustard Belt runs up the center of the state, surrounded by regions that more heavily focus on vinegar and tomato-based barbecue sauces. The mustard-belt is unique, featuring tangy sauces, gleaming gold on the slow-cooked meat.

Mustard is the critical ingredient in Carolina Gold sauce. It’s thought that German immigrants in the 19th century brought their pork and mustard traditions with them southward. The tastes and flavors have stuck, making for a delicious, unique alternative to more well-known tomato-based barbeque sauces.

Carolina Gold Mustard Rub is most often used to season pork or poultry before grilling for a unique take on the signature barbeque flavor.


Spices (including mustard, cumin, ginger), Onion, Salt, Cane sugar, Garlic, Apple cider vinegar powder (Maltodextrin, apple cider vinegar, food starch), Paprika, Cellulose, Contains 2% or less of Sunflower oil, Turmeric, Citric acid, Orange powder (Crystallized orange (citric acid, orange oil, orange juice) sugar).
Contains: Mustard.


Use to season pork or poultry before grilling for a unique take on Carolina’s signature barbecue flavor.

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