Chile-Lime Adobo Seasoning recreates the sweet, smoky, and spicy flavors of traditional canned adobo sauce into a dry seasoning. It’s a combination of ancho and chipotle chiles, lime, honey, onion, and paprika delivers an irresistible taste.

The term “adobo” comes from the Spanish word, “adobar,” which roughly translates to “marinade.” Adobo sauce, made from tomato, dried chiles, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, and other spices, is a spicy and smoky sauce native to Spain. It was originally used as a marinade or food preservative and widely adopted into the cuisines of the various places visited by Spanish colonial explorers. Adobo sauce is now widely used throughout Mexico and the United States and its flavor can be found in Texan chilis and salsas among other dishes.

This smooth, evenly ground powder is a delicious dry rub for chicken or pork or seasoning for ground beef, French fries, or potato chips.


Spices (including New Mexico Hatch chiles, cumin, ancho chiles, chipotle morita chiles), Salt, Onion, Honey powder (Sugar, honey), Paprika, Lime juice powder (tapioca Maltodextrin, lime juice), Contains 2% or less of Lime leaves.


Sprinkle on meats, fish, and veggies before roasting or grilling, or use to season roasted potatoes and popcorn.

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