Chorizo Seasoning celebrates Mexican cuisine with a unique blend of ancho chile, hatch chile, paprika, garlic, salt, and sugar crafted as a ready-to-use seasoning to simplify making fresh Mexican-style chorizo sausage.

Mexican-style chorizo should not be confused with Spanish-style chorizo or the closely related Portuguese-style chouriço, both of which are ready-to-consume charcuterie products of coarsely ground or chopped pork stuffed into natural casings and then cured. While these styles share a culinary tradition, Mexican-style chorizo is more aggressively seasoned, typically with commercial-grade chili powders and a splash of vinegar to add a bright acidity that counterbalances the fatty cuts of pork.

With Chorizo Seasoning, you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen to be able to create and perfect your own Mexican-style chorizo. Simply combine the blend with fresh ground pork and either cook as a loose sausage or stuff it into casings before cooking.


Dried chiles (including ancho chiles), Spices (including cumin, cinnamon, oregano) , Garlic, Paprika, Salt, Red wine vinegar powder (IP maltodextrin, red wine vinegar), Sugar.


Create Chorizo at home by adding to the ground meat. Sprinkle on eggs & potatoes for added Chorizo flavor.

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