Crushed Aleppo Chile Flakes are burgundy-colored chile pepper native to Turkey and Syria. Sweet and moderate in heat, these orange to rusty-red chile flakes deliver an authentic Mediterranean flavor that will elevate your favorite dishes without overpowering their taste.

The Aleppo chile, with its name inspired by the ancient Northern Syrian city, Aleppo, is also referred to as the Halaby chile. After being sun-dried, de-seeded, and crushed into flakes, the Aleppo chile is on its journey to add the extra light spice you’ve been seeking to enrich your meals. Their bright and fruity flavor profile, with a distinct savory reminiscent of sun-dried tomatoes, and cumin and sea salt undertones creates a delicious flavor enhancer. With a long history and strong popularity in the Middle East, this seasoning is also growing a rabid following around the world.

Replace the crushed red peppers on your pizza with this flavor-packed alternative. Add Crushed Aleppo Chile Flakes to your favorite salad dressing, tomato-based soup, or anything desired for the perfect burst of heat and flavor.


Crushed aleppo peppers, vegetable oil, salt.


Add bold flavor to your favorite pasta dishes and pizza, or add fruity heat to your favorite salad dressing.

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