Dukkah Spice Blend is a warm and crunchy seasoning that celebrates Middle Eastern cuisine with the perfect balance of heat, tartness, and nutty flavors. It features roasted hazelnuts, Aleppo chiles, toasted sesame seeds, lemon peel, sumac, paprika, and salt.

Dukkah is a traditional Egyptian condiment and seasoning prepared by pounding roasted nuts, seeds, and spices together with a mortar and pestle. The most common ingredients used to craft this fragrant blend include roasted hazelnuts, almonds, chiles, paprika, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. However, home cooks often create their own unique family recipes. Dukkah can be found in stores and marketplaces all across the Middle East and even in the United States.

Top your hummus and other spreads with the Dukkah Spice Blend or sprinkle it on roasted vegetables and warm feta cheese for a delicious crunchy addition. It’s also a great flavor enhancer to tempura or fried fish, vegetables, and even French fries.


Almond meal, toasted sesame seeds, spices (including cumin, sumac, thyme, fennel), hazelnut meal, pumpkin seeds, salt, sugar, lemon peel, dried aleppo chile peppers, paprika, vegetable oil. Contains tree nuts and sesame seeds.


Top dips like olive oil or hummus. Coat fish before searing. Season tempura, veggies, and fries.

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