French Mustard & Herb Seasoning is specially crafted to invoke the classic flavors of French cuisine. The star of this blend is mustard, one of France’s key ingredients, which is blended with fennel, parsley, and aromatic garlic and onion to deliver a delicious, herbaceous, slightly citrusy mustard flavor.

Although French cuisine is not known for being spice-rich, the word “spice” is derived from the Old French word, “espice,” meaning “seasoning.” The Dutch Empire largely controlled the spice trade in Europe until the 18th century when French botanist Pierre Poivre began smuggling nutmeg and cloves into French territory. From simply country fare to haute, the flavors and dishes of traditional French cuisine are some of the most recognized and celebrated globally.

Add a luxurious rich flavor to roasted meats, soups, dips, and dressings with this finely ground powder. To craft a delicious sauce, mix the French Mustard & Herb Seasoning with vinegar, cream, or mayonnaise.


Salt, mustard powder, spices(including fennel, parsley, thyme), granulated onion, orange peel, minced garlic, dried cane syrup, celery seed, arrowroot. Contains mustard.


Season roasted meats, fresh salmon, and flavor luxurious sauces and dressings.

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