Gochugaru Chile Flakes are a widely popular Asian ingredient that delivers a smoky heat and fruity hint to any dish they encounter. These fiery red-colored chile flakes are the foundation of the most celebrated condiment in Korea, kimchi, and can be found in an abundance of traditional Korean dishes.

Red chile peppers are dried and ground into coarse flakes to craft this semisweet and moderately hot condiment. While also prevalent in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Gochugaru Chile Flakes are at the heart of Korean cuisine, characterized by an intoxicating blend of heat and acidity while sharing both complex and subtly flavored profiles. As the fermentation of ingredients with rich and earthy flavors such as sesame, these warm flakes create a tasty connection between the heat of chiles and pungent garlic.

Put Gochugaru Chile Flakes to their traditional use by adding them to classic Korean dishes like kimchichigae and koatgetang or expand the horizon by substituting them for crushed red pepper to create an adventurous and delicious twist to your vegetables, grilled meats, and beyond.


Korean chile flake.


Key ingredient for at-home kimchi! Add to any dish that calls for crushed red pepper for fruitier, bold flavor.

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