Gochujang Seasoning captures the intense flavors of the popular Korean gochujang condiment. This convenient powder form of the traditional paste balances hot, savory, sweet, and rich flavors with the delicious combination of gochugaru chiles, miso powder, soy sauce powder, and black garlic.

Gochujang, a thick and spicy crimson paste, is a fundamental ingredient in Korean cooking traditionally made by combining gochugaru chiles, sticky rice, soybeans, and salt and then allowing the resulting mash to ferment over many years in earthenware pots. Since the 1700s, soon after the chile pepper was introduced to Asia by European travelers, gochujang paste has been a household staple in Korea. It provides a vibrant counterpoint accentuating the grilled, stewed, preserved, and stir-fried foods at the heart of Korean cuisine. Curious Spoon’s Gochujang Seasoning is an authentic representation of this traditional flavor.

This flavorful powder is perfect for dry applications such as adding a tasty sprinkle to cooked foods just before serving. It can be used to add a unique twist of flavor to French fries, fried chicken, pickled vegetables, and spreads like hummus.


Dried chiles, Dried cane syrup, Red miso powder (Soybeans, rice, salt, aspergillus oryzae), Salt, Roasted cabbage extract powder (Maltodextrin, sugar, cabbage extract, corn oil), Onion, Cellulose, Dry red pepper flavoring (Red pepper, distilled vinegar, salt), Rice concentrate, Black garlic powder, Red wine vinegar powder (IP maltodextrin, red wine vinegar), Dehydrated soy sauce (Soy sauce (wheat, soybeans, salt), maltodextrin, salt), Ginger, Citric acid. Contains Soy, Wheat.


Sprinkle on your favorite dishes and snacks for added Korean flavor. Use to create classic Korean dishes, such as Bibimpap.

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