Himalayan Pink Salt adds a pop of color and pure salt flavor to all of your favorite dishes. Use it like table salt for seasoning meats, vegetables, and soups, or use it as a finishing salt to sprinkle on foods just before serving.

Himalayan pink salt is mined from salt rock deposits, much like ordinary table salt. The presence of many trace minerals, like iron oxide, give the salt its pink hue. The salt is often formed into serving slabs, which can retain heat and cold evenly and offer a dramatic presentation. Some formations of the pink salt can also be used as lamps. It is often mixed into health and beauty products to take advantage of its trace minerals.

Because of its striking color, Himalayan Pink Salt adds flair to any dish. Aside from sprinkling it onto anything like meat and vegetables, creative uses also include salting rims of margarita glasses and garnishing sweets such as caramels for both a hit of salinity and visual appeal.




Use to season meats and vegetables or as a finishing salt on foods just before serving.

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