Jamaican Curry Starter captures the bold and vibrant flavors of Caribbean-style curry dishes. The sublty sweet coconut milk base is combined with warm spices like allspice, spicy chiles, and bay leaves for an irresistible sauce that brings out the warmth of curry while adding extra layers of flavor.

Curry is a fairly new addition to the Caribbean culinary palate. In the early 19th century, indentured servants from India brought their curry dishes to Caribbean island as they arrived alongside the British sugar cane industry. As a result of the migration of curry culture through British conquest, there are hundreds of varieties of curry around the world, with each region boasting its own unique take on the classic beloved flavors. Goat curry has since became a favorite Jamaican dish, as well as curries featuring seafood and shrimp.

Curious Spoon’s Jamaican Curry Starter is crafted to bring bold Jamaican flavors to your home kitchen. Simply rehydrate the sauce starter with water and simmer until it reaches the desired consistency. Pair it with meats and vegetables and serve over rice for an authentic and delicious meal!


Coconut milk powder (Coconut milk, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate), Spices, Non-fat dried milk, Turmeric, Salt, Corn starch, Garlic, Contains 2% or less of Butter flavor (Whey solids, enzyme modified butter, maltodextrin, salt, dehydrated butter, guar gum, annatto and turmeric), Onion, Scallions. Contains Milk, Mustard, Tree Nuts


Combine 1 cup water with contents of packet and bring to a simmer.

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