Maghreb Seasoning is crafted to highlight the vibrant, bold flavors of North African cuisine. Aromatic flavors of turmeric and coriander are balanced with heat from chiles as well as lemon peel and ginger.

This blend lends itself particularly well to couscous. Couscous, the national dish of Tunisia, is a family-style dish that for many families is as much a ritual as it is nourishment. It’s truly a centerpiece of family life as the tradition extends from preparing the couscous grains through to the family gathering for the meal. Couscous is a celebration of abundance, family, and Tunisian culture all coming together around a shared tradition and palate. Tunisian couscous is unique from other couscous dishes found in North Africa in that it’s served with a red, tomato-based sauce and a characteristic spice blend and flavor profile. The dish can also include fish, tripe, hard-boiled eggs, and beef or lamb meatballs.

Maghreb Seasoning can be used to flavor couscous as well as a rub for grilled or roasted meat. In whatever way you decide to use this unforgettable seasoning blend, be sure to invite a crowd – North African flavors and cuisine are meant to be shared!


Spices (including cumin, red chile powder, ginger cardamom), Turmeric, Garlic, Paprika, Onion, Lemon peel, Contains 2% or less of Saffron.


Season couscous or use as a rub for roasted meat. Be sure to invite a crowd – North African flavors are meant to be shared!

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