Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning celebrates the savory, aromatic, and nostalgic flavor of your favorite deli-style everything bagels. This certified organic classic blend of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and sea salt will transport your taste buds to the deli.

The origin of the bagel is speculative, however, the first written record of the bagel dates to 1610 in the Polish city of Kraków after German and Jewish immigrants brought their pretzel recipes to Poland. Over many years, the bread of pretzels morphed into a round shape with a hole in the middle known as “obwarzanek” in Polish. It’s since become so popular in Kraków that it’s considered an unofficial symbol of the city. Also known as the “Cracovian bagel,” it’s the internationally popular predecessor of the beloved bagel in the United States. After the bagel made its way around Eastern Europe and eventually landed in New York with waves of immigration, it became a mainstay of Jewish delis and closely associated with Jewish culture and tradition. The everything bagel was invented and popularized around New York City in the early 1980s once bakeries began offering bagels in dozens of different flavors with a wide variety of toppings.

This versatile coarse blend will liven up any dish that could benefit from a kick of garlic, onion, and some sea salt. The possibilities are endless with Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning – sprinkle it on top of eggs and toast or even explore your cooking talents and attempt to make a classic everything bagel in your home kitchen.


Organic sesame seeds, organic onion, organic garlic, salt, organic poppy seeds. Contains Sesame


Sprinkle on top of eggs, toast and avocado or recreate New York’s famous bagels in your home kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

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