Pilpelchuma Seasoning recreates the intense flavors of a highly celebrated Libyan Jewish condiment. Its rich and bold flavor with a strong and spicy aroma is crafted through the combination of five varieties of chiles, garlic, salt, aromatic spices, and honey.

“Pilpelchuma,” which translates to “pepper garlic” in Hebrew, is a chile and garlic paste used by the Jewish community in Tripoli, Libya as an essential seasoning in many traditional dishes. It’s often compared to the popular Tunisian harissa paste. Pilpelchuma has become increasingly popular in Israeli cuisine where you’ll often find it as the ingredient that spices up shakshuka – a classic poached egg dish – as well as in many other Israeli dishes that call for an extra boost of heat.

Sprinkle Pilpelchuma Seasoning into tomato sauces for a unique take on an Italian Fra Diavolo sauce or over fish, pork, and vegetables before grilling. This shelf-stable blend can also be rehydrated with some olive oil or warm water to render it into a smooth and spicy chile paste.


Dried chiles, Garlic, Salt, Spices (including cumin, caraway), Honey (Sugar, honey), Paprika, Cellulose, Citric acid.


Sprinkle into tomato sauce to create Shakshuka or over fish, pork, and vegetables before grilling.

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