(pee·pee·ahn moe·lay vair·day)
Pipian Mole Verde Starter celebrates the mole sauce found in the traditional cuisine of Central Mexico. “Pipian,” meaning “pumpkin seed” in Spanish, is the star ingredient of this nutty and flavorful sauce that brightens any beef, chicken, or pork dish.

Mole is a traditional sauce from Mexico that combines heat from various kinds of chiles with aromatics such as onions and garlic, nuts or seeds, and sometimes even dried fruit or chocolate. There are dozens of varieties of mole found throughout Mexico. While the origins of the sauce are certainly debated, the sauce’s complexity is indicative of its many cultural influences. The term “mole” comes from the indigenous Nahuatl word “molli,” which roughly translates to “sauce or mixture.” Each ingredient is roasted or cooked in a frying pan to draw out the flavor and then blended together for a silky-smooth texture. Depending on the desired flavor development, some mole sauces can take hours or even days to prepare.

Curious Spoon’s Pipian Mole Verde Starter is crafted to bring the bright flavors of Puebla, Mexico to your home kitchen, using delicious pumpkin seeds to thicken the sauce and deliver its nutty flavor. Simply rehydrate the sauce starter with water and simmer on the stove until it reaches the desired consistency. Serve the sauce over chicken or with empanadas in place of a more traditional salsa for a delicious authentic meal.


Spices, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Hemp seeds, Salt, Spinach, Onion, Garlic, Natural flavor, Contains 2% or less of Tartaric acid, Sunflower oil, Cellulose, Gum acacia, Xanthan gum. Contains: Sesame.


Combine 1 cup water with contents of packet and bring to a simmer.

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