(poy·oh uh·saa·doh)

Pollo Asado Seasoning celebrates the classic flavors of authentic Mexican-style pollo asado. This mouthwatering combination of garlic, lime peel, and dried chiles is a must-have for your next cookout.

Various versions of pollo asado can be found throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Citrus tenderizes the meat and chiles bring heat, which is balanced with the savory flavor of garlic.

Use the Pollo Asado Seasoning in the traditional way to season and marinate chicken. Grilling the chicken over high heat and an open flame supercharges the seasoning’s intense flavors, making it an irresistible and unforgettable barbequed dish. For an authentic kick of heat, add this delicious custom blend to dips and spreads.


Garlic, Dried chiles (including New Mexico Hatch), Paprika, Sugar, Lime juice powder (Maltodextrin, lime juice solids), Salt, Lime peel, Cellulose, Onion, Citric acid.


Season chicken before cooking it over the grill, or add to dips and spreads for a kick of heat.

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