Scorching Sea Salt will set your tongue on fire! Made with three of the hottest chiles on the planet – Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Chile, and Carolina Reaper – this fiery blend bring the heat and then some!

What makes some of us love chiles so much, when ingesting them causes some degree of pain? Scientists theorize that part of the reason has to do with the psychological thrill that comes with eating them. Much like riding a rollercoaster or watching a scary movie, we know that ultimately eating chiles can’t harm us.

The pain we feel is actually the result of capsaicin triggering pain receptors whose evolutionary purpose is to alter the body to the real danger of heat. The burning sensation caused by eating chiles is not the result of tissue damage, but the brain misfiring: capsaicin tricks our brains into thinking our mouths are on fire!


Salt, chile powder (including ghost chile, Carolina Reaper chile, scorpion chile).


Add intense heat to hot sauces, chili dishes, curries, cheesy entrees, or use as a finishing salt for grilled meats and vegetables.

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