(shee·chee·mee tow·gr·aa·she)

Shichimi Togarashi explores a traditional Japanese seasoning blend with a zesty flavor profile featuring spicy notes. This handcrafted blend combines three varieties of chiles – Bird’s eye chiles, Aleppo chiles, and Aji Amarillo chiles – for a piquant yet balanced heat as well as orange peel, nori seaweed, and sesame seeds for a fruity and umami flavor with a crunchy texture.

“Shichimi Togarashi” translates to “seven-flavor spice” and is also known as “nana iro togarashi.” This complex blend represents Japanese cuisine’s emphasis on balance to mirror the balance of the natural world. Although its bright-red color reads as hot and spicy, its variety of ingredients balance one another for a mellowing effect.

Flavor hot udon or soba noodles, tofu, fried chicken, ramen, sashimi, or other traditional Japanese dishes with Shichimi Togarashi. It’s even a unique and delicious garnish for deviled eggs, popcorn, or French fries.


Spices (including chile flakes, ginger), sesame seeds, orange peel, salt, nori (seaweed). Contains sesame.


Use Shichimi Togarashi to flavor hot udon and soba noodles, tofu, fried chicken, ramen, and even sashimi.

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