Smoked Peppercorn & Sage Rub brings all the nostalgia and mouthwatering flavor of Thanksgiving dinner home to your kitchen. Hickory wood-smoked black peppercorns are blended with savory aromatics like onion and garlic and balanced with herbaceous sage for a truly delicious poultry seasoning.

Fall dishes are all about comfort. Warm spices, potatoes, stuffing, and of course, roasted chicken and turkey… yum! Though a bold flavor, sage is the perfect complement for roasted poultry and sausages because it adds depth and freshness to heavier meals. Use this rub to liberally season your turkey or chicken before sticking it in the oven, or for a more unique use, combine it with some mayonnaise as a spread for a turkey to ham sandwich.


Salt, spices (including black peppercorns, fennel, thyme), paprika, onion, garlic, smoke flavor.


Perfect for roasted poultry to add depth and freshness. So, season your turkey or chicken before popping it in the oven!

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