Curious Spoon brings the condiment with a cult following, szechuan chile crisp, to your home and dinner table with the Szechuan Chile Crisp Starter. The sweat-inducing heat from Sichuan peppers are the star ingredient in this starter sauce that also includes aromatics such as garlic and shallots and umami-filled shitake mushrooms. With an added crunch from chia seeds, you’ll quickly understand why this condiment has a cult following.

Chile crisp has been in commercial production since the late 1990s. Rumor has it that Tao Huabi, a noodle purveyor in the Guizhou province of China, started bottling her sauces which began gaining huge recognition and popularity and soon made her one of the fastest to reach the status of a self-made billionaire in China. The condiment is distinct for its heat from Sichuan peppers, its deep umami flavor, and its crunch. While the sauce is most commonly used on top of soups, noodle dishes, or stir fry dishes, some even claim it’s also delicious on vanilla ice cream. If you’re up for a wild adventure, give that unique combo a try!

Curious Spoon’s Szechuan Chile Crisp Starter is crafted to bring crunchy, spicy heat to your favorite dishes. Add it to heated oil and allow the spices and chia seeds to crisp, and then let it stand for 15 minutes for the flavors to infuse and enjoy!


Spices (including Szechuan peppercorns, star anise), chia seeds, garlic, salt, sugar, Shiitake mushrooms, shallots, Contains 2% or less of sunflower oil.


1. Heat 1/2 cup neutral oil to 340F.
2. Remove from heat and slowly stir in Szechuan Chile Crisp Starter.
3. Let cool to room temperature.

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