Thai Red Curry Starter highlights the traditional bold flavors of the cuisine in Thailand. Bright red chiles are combined with aromatics like lemongrass and garlic and tang from Thai lime leaves for a delicious sauce that’s the perfect accompaniment for your next stir fry creation.

“Curry” is an Anglicized version of the Tamil word “Kari,” referring to the style of this dish that dates back to at least 2500 BCE in India. Although curry is now a universal flavor found throughout Southeast Asian cuisine, it wasn’t introduced until the early 13th century after traders from Japan and China and even traders from as far away as Portugal and France brought curry blends to the region from its native home in India. Culinary traditions melded throughout the centuries, resulting in the large variety of curries found in Thailand today. Thai curry dishes are distinguished by their color, flavor, and type of chile used in its recipe. For example, Thai red curries are made with up to 20 red chiles which tend to be quite spicy and give this curry its signature red hue. Some chefs even add tomato sauce or exchange chiles for chile powder to lend the curry a different flavor profile.

Curious Spoon’s Thai Red Curry Starter is crafted to bring the flavors of Thailand to your home kitchen. While traditional red curries contain ingredients such as fish sauce or shrimp paste, this sauce starter is vegan, allowing you to customize your red curry dish to fit your lifestyle! Simply rehydrate the sauce starter with water and simmer on the stove until it reaches the desired consistency. It’s excellent when paired with lighter meats such as chicken or fish or with vegetables and then served over rice or noodles.


Coconut milk powder (Coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin, gum acacia), spices, Corn starch, salt, cane sugar, natural flavor, garlic powder, lemongrass powder, contains 2% or less onion powder, paprika, lime leaves, scallions, citric acid. Contains: Tree nuts.


Combine 1 cup water with contents of packet and bring to a simmer.

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