Za’atar Spice Blend is a multi-faceted blend inspired by the many varieties of za’atar found throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It’s a fragrant mix of herbs and spices including sumac, thyme, Mediterranean oregano, sesame seeds, and salt that delivers a slightly tart and herbaceous flavor.

The term “za’atar” refers to both the spice blend used as a condiment and a wild herb native to the Levant region. This spice blend has a plentiful amount of varieties throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and recipes are often closely guarded family secrets and points of national pride. In Jordan, za’atar tends to use more sumac, in Lebanon, it often contains orange zest, and in Israel, dill is sometimes added.

When using the Za’atar Spice Blend in your dishes, you’ll rarely need to reach for any other spices as this flavorful flaky blend can hold its own. It’s delicious on fish, grilled meats, and salads and also shines as a table condiment for just about anything.


Ground sumac, spices (including thyme, oregano), sesame seed, salt, canola oil. Contains sesame seed.


Za’atar shines as a condiment on flat bread, hummus or as a rub on roasted chicken and fish.

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